Inrtroduction : The first step


Assalamualaikum & good day beautiful!

Two months ago I decided to clear my dad's farm, and to make it a pretty place, a lively farm. We start cleaning a little bit, and my mom fix the old house there, although it still quite not up to livable standard, it works. After the construction finished, it was in fasting month, and our small family (me, hubby and a toddler) moved to my mom house, which situated 20 minutes drive from the farm, as the previous house is 1 hour+ away from the farm.

Although we faced a lot of challenges, we preserve as much as we can and try to improve much. by then my weight is around 95 kg (207 pounds), and came Eid, we kinda neglect the farm a bit. We took lots of picture, and when I saw one picture, my blood freeze. I look huge, even bigger than my sister who are 10 kg heavier than me. Maybe its the wrong angle, maybe because the clothes, but all the excuses feels just plain wrong. In my mind's eyes, I still look like I'm 60 kg, and thinking I don't look that fat, I could get away with another bite, or two, or hundreds...

The offending picture. I'm on the right side, my sister on left with my cousin in the middle.

But as I stare at the picture, I could deny no more. I'm fat, in fact, I'm obese. I have to do something. Earlier, my doctor have told me to lose weight, and that atkins is a good way, eliminating carbs. I bought a book about it, and promptly forgot all about it. On the forth day of Eid, I drank less sweet drinks, ate less sugar cookies. At night, on a BBQ with my neighbour, I only ate chicken. But as I have no idea about it, I just assume. 

The same goes the next day. I ate protein based, with little vegetables (Its eid, no one bothers about vegies). On the sixth Eid, I search online about atkins, and pour myself over the book. I weight 94.1 kg today, losing around a kilogram (2 pounds+). Happy with the result, I preserve. I drank 3L water that day, and keep going to the loo to pee! 

The seventh, I weight 93.5.
The eight, 92.8
The ninth, 92.6
The tenth, 91.8

Today is the tenth. I lost 3.2kg so far. Hooray! 

I went to the farm on the eight and ninth Eid, and we prune a lot of old trees, burn some grass, and get rid of the weeds. I've also planted 400 centil chilli seeds, and plant to have 2000 by end of 2015,  InsyaAllah. Since trees will take anywhere from a year to 5 years to fruit, we decided to use chilli as our fast cash crops. To be honest, we have zero to maybe 1% knowledge on planting and such, thus I'm going to blog here for our experiments, tips and tricks too. 

The farm and pruned guava trees

The first step is always the hardest, they said. But as long as we move forward, that is much better than just waiting and criticizing. Here's to forty trees farm, and forty kilogram lost!


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