33 Cempedak


Today we went to visit the farm. We took down 33 cempedak, so that the elephant did not come to take it down later. 

I tied sticks to make an arbor for the newly emerged pea.

My chilli seeds also starting to sprouts. Hoorayy.

Here's some picture from the farm:

The 33 cempedaks. 

Pea shoots

Another pea's arbor

Lemongrasses field

On the other note, yesterday I downloaded carb tracker from atkins, and dutifully log in all the pass through my mouth, although some is hard since its not typical western food. I walked 45 minutes while watching a movie with my family on the treadmill. I went to buy groceries, and my mantra is willpower now only for an hour, than trying to avoid to eat all the time. I compare the carbs in between snacks, such as almonds, peanuts, seaweeds. I bought fresh vegetables, low carb burger and fishes.  My Net Carb(NC) total is 22.8g yesterday.

Today, I ate homemade fish ball, NC 0g, and then snack on 2 bananas. When I logged in, I was shocked to know that each banana have NC of 20.4g, oh.emm geee. Well, I didn't know and I didn't regret, I'll just move on. For lunch, I ate beef rendang(0g) and lodeh(2g) and snack on 3 pineapple tart(3g each). My carbs counts skyrocketed, but its okay, I'll try again tomorrow. I did 50 minutes walk on treadmill, totaling on 2.5km and my weight today is 91.7. 

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