Happy new year!



Welcome 2016!

My apologies for lack of post and updates, as my phone is broken, and I still haven't get it fixed. The end of year was filled with good comfort food, family time and dramas. Thankfully the farm has been broken into after the last time, the plants are thriving, although a few of it died due to feral pigs, we replanted 20 chili plants to the ground yesterday.

The start of the new year makes me evaluate my priorities and decisions for the past year. I've always been rash, jumping both feet and whole body to a plan that I think perfect to escape the current situation I'm in. I spend quite a few nights too on who am I, and do I like the person I've becoming.

I was always searching for the "It". You know, the one thing we lived for. I had this conversation with my sister last year, on how another sister "It" is her family, and that I have many things I'm passionate about and that she have none. Yesterday, I assure her she have "It", her friends, family and her penchant for fun.

While we are in the conversation, she pointed out that how much I love domestic stuff. I wanted to deny it, I thought, hey that wasn't me. I'm this glamorous, flirty vixen who just happen to love doing stuff with her hands... Okay yes I love being a domestic goddess. I just didn't realize it, since I love baking, cooking, sewing, creating stuff, and gardening. And so, I finally (for the 103 time) find my calling.

So happy new year everyone, may you find all that you love, and may you love who you become.


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