So we celebrated our anniversary a day earlier. We choose japanese restaurant, cause I love them and he wanted to taste. 

Breakfast, I had  2 type of oranges and 3 crackers. And for lunch, white rice with side dishes. And another tiny orange. 

For dinner, we ate little portion of everything, but he said it wasn't very tasty. 

And the next day, my weight increased to 84.9, maybe due to all the white rice I ate. So the next day, it's all less carbs. 

2 oranges and 3 half boiled egg for breakfast and lunch. 

Bake a cake and cupcakes, and make veggies soup and veggies omelette, with the prawn sambal and rendang my mom made earlier. 

This is what I ate along with 4 cupcakes. 

Happy fourth anniversary love! My goal is next anniversary I'm fit and more gorgeous. Lol. 

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