Refer A Friend

You visit us, you are excited to learn more, and you want to share it to the whole wide world!
Okay maybe not the whole wide world, just the families..and maybe some friends?

We are glad you are making the effort and commitment, and we want to reward you!
But what about them? What do they get?I don't want them to feel envious. 
Don't worry, both of you will be reward handsomely for your effort to change the world.

  • If you came with three other friends to our classes, you'll pay nothing. You can come as four people but pay for only three. That's 25% saving with recipes, jams, cookies or books to bring back.
  • If you refer a friend on our produce boxes, you'll both receive the next first and fifth box with 50% discount. Major save!
  • If your children love our classes and camps, they could come again with 25% discount on the second visit, and 50% off for the next 10 visit, 70% off for the next 40 visit. But what happen after that? Well, we'll see what we can do for you when the time comes, okay?
  • Every 10 box you purchased, we are going to include some surprise for you to reward you on buying better produce.

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