A *mini* celebration


For the first time in three years, I weight less than 90kg. Yay! Yesterday I weight 89.9, today its 89.8. I could finally cancel the 90 mark and move to the 80's. 

I did and inspiration  board earlier last week, and I feel giddy and happy crossing the numbers off. I still haven't bought any of the trees yet, so crossing these numbers is fulfilling enough. 

Over the weekend, we went to visit a few friends, thus eating high carb food, although in small quantity. Usually, I would abandon my diet after pigging out, but the next day I just pile on and eat low carb food such vegies and side of protein. I'm trying to switch off the mentality of dieting, just trying to eat healthily to fuel my body and burn my fat. 

Yesterday, I ate half a cup fried rice and at night when I went to Secret Recipe(a cake house) I ordered a salad, and I didn't order a cake. That is a small celebration for me. 

The first week I'm doing this atkins, I ate 2 burger patty wrapped in lettuce, topped with cheese and tomato. However, this week(third week) I could only managed 1 burger for breakfast, and the other one for lunch. I'm still trying to find snacks that I like and low carb. But, I feel satisfied that I lost 6kg or 13 pound in three short week. 

Although I am a lil bit worried of flabby skin if I lost a lot of weight rapidly. I am afraid of not being attractive. We're thinking of hitting the gym, to aid in muscle building. Wisk me luck! 

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