Progress on chili and losing weight


Hey yaa.

Well there's a lot of progress to report this week, but since I'm only online from my phone, so I can't upload too much picture(actually I forgot to take them, lol) 

Well, we managed to put to bed the 324 chili plant, and we made it into a round shape under the durian tree. And I have 20 more in a huge round potting bag. We try to get once a week to fertilize them with liquid fertilizer. We still haven't plant the other 9 trees yet. And I managed to wash and dry the bunny's place yesterday. 

Last month I only managed to lose 2.2kg per month, as I diligently follow atkins on weekdays and ate rice on weekend due to there's little option near the farm. And my weight stuck on the 88-89 range, until I start Induction again last 1st Sept, and at that time I was 88.6, and today, 2 days later, I'm at 87.1. 

So I'm gonna stick with atkins' Induction until I'm nearly 5kg away from my goal, then start introducing higher carb food, and see how it goes. 

My hubby bought me a pretty black and gold spectacles for my effort to lose 5kg. I'm pretty sure he'll need to buy something again soon, as I'm reaching 8kg weight loss this week. 

My goal is to be 55kg by my birthday next year, which leave me 23 weeks, to lose another 32kg. Overall I need to lose 1.4 kg per week, and in 2 days I lost 1.5kg. I know its mostly water, and it will be harder after this, but, 6 month going to pass whether I lose weight or not, so I prefer to have fab body than fat. 

32 kg more to go, go Kate! 

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