Attempts on exercise : Part 1


Hey there.

So, as you probably know, losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise. And to say I hate exercise is understatement, as I hate sweating, as my thigh will stick and gross overall. But I started walking on treadmill a few times a week, and thinking about smaller thigh which don't touch each other, keeps me going. My next attempt on exercising was to be more involve in our farm. Digging holes, planting trees, and various menial job that makes me sweat.

Today I was supposed to go to the farm, but it's raining, so instead of just lying around watching tv, I start searching for motivation quotes on losing weight on pinterest when I came across a picture of two body with the same weight, yet the one with less fat % is much more smaller, fitter than the other one.

 So I start searching for exercises to tone abs, legs, butt and chest. Start saving and try a few easy exercise from those pictures, I even managed to do a 10sec planks, which I never try. I feel amazing, like I achieve something huge. For me, its huge to change my lifestyle, to incorporate exercise and feel good doing it.

I hope to one day try heavylifting, but first, I'm going to use what I have, that is my body and two water bottle. :)

*images taken from and reddit

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