Today, from 84.5, my weight plummet to 83.7, the lightest I've been. Fasting today, I wonder if it has any impact on my body. Throughout the day I check my weight, and it varies from 83.7 to 84.3 to 83.6. Getting lighter! 

My mom when on shopping spree for breaking fast, as you'll probably familiar shopping for food when you're starving. 

She bought rojak asma, satay, kuih and chicken for me. Unfortunately I didn't eat the chicken, just everything else. *giggles*

Ate 5 beef satay, 2 chicken satay, 1 ketupat(white rice cooked in leaves, traditionally, but now in plastic, much to my dismay), rojak (a lot of seafood, meat and veggies, with 1 cube of tauhu, 2 slice of tempe, 2 cubes of potato and 2 cubes of fritter), 1 persimmon, 1 seri muka and 1 kuih tako. Washed everything down with warm green tea.

Mind you, I used to eat twice more than this and doesn't feel full. Yet, I feel uncomfortably full now with all this. 

The veggies and chicken stay untouched as I devoured everything else. My weight increase to 84.5, but I don't worry about that. It really helps to eat fruit and veggies  first, then eating the starchy food with the protein. 

I'm still sore after yesterday's flirting with freeletics. Sighhh..

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