The feelings when you pushed yourself and get rewarded with the scale pausing a little lower, the clothes loose and toned body. So proud. 

Yesterday I was out the whole day, but I did take breakfast with 3 half boiled egg, but only ate 1 1/2 since I shared it with Keyaan. Followed by a freeletics exercise, rested a while before showering and went out to help my sister.

We went to Lavender for lunch, and I choose chicken chop with the fries replaces with salad. I ate 2 potato balls, 2 chicken wings, 6 spoonful of mushroom soup, a pinch of bread, and 3/4 of my chicken chop. Oh and ate all of the salad. 

For dinner I ate 2 squashed nectarines, which are bloody expensive, but doesn't taste that good. 

After that I ate leftover cake, 3 leftover satay as well as the chicken I supposed to eat the day before. The chicken looks huge but barely any meat.

Today, I still weighted 83.6 kg. My legs are less sore, so for breakfast I ate anjou pear, super sweet and delicious. Then proceed to eat 3 keropok lekor, 2 currypuff and 2 popiah. 

Its 5pm and still haven't eaten lunch yet. Sometimes I want to eat a lot so I stuffed myself with fruits. And other times, like today, I don't feel like eating much. 

I did two rounds of freeletics, and I think I died, halfway of second round. My legs, my abs, my hands are all sore. Ate 2 currypuff 15 minutes after freeletics.

Dinner, 6 slices of beef, 1 slice of fish, 4 okra, 1/2 salted egg, 1/2 cup veggies, 1/2 cup white rice, pear and nectarine with warm green tea. Blue plate is mine and yellow is his. Keyaan ate a lot today, probably happy that his dad is home.

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