Hey there..

The last two weeks, eventhough I try hard to maintain my food intake, I lapse. I feel like I'm craving all the starchy food, and sometimes I didn't realize until I'm eating it. 

I ate fruits for breakfast, then I realize my mom made her fried noodles which I ate with gusto, and added another plate. I ate 3 slices of bread. Then when my sil brings a plate of chicken rice, I ate that too. 

It started when I went out, and if I asked low carbs food, my companion will tsked and suggest another higher carbs version, or eat high carbs food that's tempting. 

I'm also tempted since my family always buy tid bits and they are placed near the television room. Which, my hand always find a way to grab a few. Not helping when they all said, it's okay, just a bite doesn't matter. Or that it's healthy. 

They probably doesn't mean to sabotage me or my healthy eating, but somehow I got suck into the spiral. I tried to wat less carbs the next day, and I end up eating more. 

Thankfully my weight stay the same, roughly. But I'm worried that I won't achieved what I've wanted for myself, by keep listening or following others. Saying NO is definitely a skill I need to learn. 

Should I start another 100 days project on healthy eating? I feel drained and lazy, and I need to make a change A.S.A.P. 

Wish me luck to preserve...


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