Old and new hobby


Hey you. 

Yesterday, started a new hobby, sewing and I'm going to spend 2 hours a day learning it. I also wanted to do at least one or two hours of gardening, even in my mom's house. 

(Psst, if you're interested in sewing, head over to khairanialias.blogspot.my for more!)

Last month, I've started to tidying up the lawn, but the weeds are creeping back, the plants were positioned too far, and I have blank space. So today, with the help of my mom and granma, we redo the lawn. 

So tadaa: 

Our farm's house were broken into again. My mat that my granma gave me, keyaan's first mat, various gardening stuff, shoes and many more were stolen. Even my granma's old china. 

I was pissed. 

So when my sister suggest to see her friend's dad, I agree. He asked me to bring some water from the farm and he reads Quran verses, and advice to pour it around the farm to help reduce break in. 

He said that if bad people come to steal, they won't find a way out unless they put it back. I used to not wanting to do it, but they left me no choice. I've lost a lot of stuff, and I had enough. 

Bff asked me to make a sign to warn people off, at least to let them know what will happen if they insist on stealing, which I think a good idea. If the sign don't deter them, well I don't take responsibility of their stubborness. 

The uncle said that the people who stealing are my neighbours, and logically, I think they are either desperate or they want me out, so they can take or use the farm. I din't understand why people could be so full of hatred and greed. 

Well, watch this space. Here's hoping and praying the sign is enough to deter people to stealing again.

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