10 lesson I learn in 'dieting' for three weeks


I've started with 95+kg, and now I'm 90.5 (as in this morning). My weight fluctuate from a few gram such as below:


I went to 5 open house in a day, resulting in that 90.5/90.6. I start eating right according to Atkins again, and resulting in the static 90.5 and 89.8. Yesterday, I ate whipped potato and cheesy wedges, thus, again resulting in 90.5. The spirit starts to getting weaker after a few days spending time with comfort food, unfortunately. :/

Thus, it makes me realize, I will lose it all and gain everything back if I get back to my old ways. Thus, this 10 lessons:

1. Portion Control.

I had bigger protein portion and smaller vegetables, as I often forgot to buy vegetables or it end up rotten as I don't like it. I had small snacks and cookies (so not atkins) but I always measured put it nicely in plate and sit down to enjoy it. Often, 2 or 3 is enough, not until the cookie jar is empty. Yesterday I've bought cheesy wedges thinking I could control it, but I eat it straight from container, and end up eating all of it. I still have problems controlling my eating when I'm eating my favourite food.

2. Don't Beat Yourself Up.

The problem with dieting is, there's always a something restricted, as for atkins, the carbs. Whether it's low fat, low calorie, south beach, grapefruit diet, there's always something restricted that makes us crave it more. Previously once I pigged out, I will beat myself up for it, thinking how much I'm a loser for eating all those 'restricted' food. However, this time I didn't do it. Yes I pigged out, yes I ate two plate of that delicious fried mee that my friend fry for me. It's okay, it's not the end of the world, or my diet. I just continue to eat healthy the next meal.

3. Learn real hunger and full.

I had a problem with Fullness and Hunger previously. I couldn't differentiate emotional and physical hunger, cravings, and I end up eating when I'm sad, when I'm happy and it's taking a toll on my body, pound after pound. I end up drinking 1 cup of water and wait if I still want the food. If yes, I take a bite, if not, I leave it. I also learn when I'm comfortably full or too full to walk. This is such a difference that I could stop eating when I'm full, although I still have plenty left.

4. Drink water.

Drink more water. Just drink it! I usually have 3 2-L bottle that I usually fill with plain water and put it around me, so I just drink it whenever I see it. I also labelled with 500ml increments. So I could track everyday I usually drink 2-3.5L water everyday.

5. Patience

When you ate healthily, exercise and doing everything yet the scales did not bulge, be patience. Weigh lost is not about losing weight in 1month, 1 week or 3 days, losing weight and maintaining should be forever. It's a lifestyle change, not just for an occasion. I've learn that I always set myself on to fast result, but I couldn't maintain it afterwards. So this time, I set it to take it slow and steady, and enjoy the 5 kg that I get rid of, instead thinking of the other 35kg.

6. Don't drink your calories

I used to drink a lot of chrysanthemum teas, teas and sodas. Now. I'm cutting it down, although I still have to get used to drink plain water when I'm dining out. Usually I just buy food without drinks for take out, but the sit down dining out is still a huge problem with me.

7. Choose wisely.

 I have choosen salad and grilled chicken for lunch, with dressing on the side when I dine out. It still strange for me to order salad and not that ooey gooey cheese covered mac n cheese, or pasta. However I'm proud that I choose salad instead of pasta. At home, I bought seaweeds, single serving peanuts, almonds and other nuts for snack instead of other temptation. Since I live with my mom now, I have to choose wisely as her food is not what I consider healthy choice for me. I'm struggling as I can't just banish all the food they ate just because I want to eat healthily, but choosing wisely makes me feel better about it.

8. Weight everyday

I know some people said not to weight yourself everyday, but by weighing myself everyday, I could see that my food choice determine the number on the scale. I know the number yesterday is 89.8, but as I ate the cheesy wedges, today it's 90.5. It's super easy to pile on the pound, and yet it's so hard to maintain or losing weight.

9. Routine

My morning consist of two burger patty wrapped in lettuce, tomato and cheese. Sometimes I ate 2, sometimes I ate 1 and eat another one for my lunch. My staples are chicken, burger patty and egg, while my vegetables are lettuce, spinach, tomato. I ate them over and over again. By limiting myself, I am not tempted to overeat.

10. Take it one meal at a time.

Take it slowly, have fun while you're losing weight. It's tough, yet, a new you will emerge sooner or later. If you have a lot to lose (mine 40kg) just make a small goal at time. Good luck!

Total weight loss : 4.5kg for 3 weeks.(22 Jul - 14 Aug)

What I don't do, yet.

1. Keep a food journal
2. Exercise
3. Enough sleep

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