Frumpy makes thou grumpy


When I was a kid, I was one of the tallest and fairest. Most people I met love and adore me, and often mistook me older than I am. I often thought I'm fat, but looking back I was just curvy and others are just skinny, being asian. 

Growing up, I loveee dressing up, make up and high heels. After my not so nice relationship end, I'm back to being sexy and fab although I weight 10kg more than when I was with him. Met my now husband, have fun, grieve over my dad's sickness and death, went through prenancy and gain 20 kg more. 

I always thought I can't be stylish because I'm fat, and that most stylish clothes won't fit me anymore. Yesterday, I made an effort to look around in pinterest, and end up trying different make up, spoil myself with scented lotion and trying on jeans and tshirt. I'm always wearing dress because its comfortable. I feel good. Sooo good. And end up singing Selena Gomez's just wanna look good for you a lottt. 

I guess your other half, your life, your problem doesn't matter when you try to look good for yourself. I feel happy and fab eventhough my weight barely shift  this few days. (Maybe because I ate food high in carbs too) 

I told my husband that I would only buy clothes and shoes that will fit me right, and make me look good. No more frumpy old me.

Today, I tried avocado, honey, olive oil and egg yolk mask for hair and face. Gosh, and I'm still waiting to wash them out. Will update if it's working! 


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