Fruit trees to buy


Hello! I'm super excited today. I will be buying a few fruit tree today, and 7 for my weight loss, and others to encourage further weight loss. Okay, I should totally buy them AFTER I lost weight, but they are only available until 25th, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to buy more?

We've made like 6 holes yesterday, but guess what? I'm currently 88.7kg! So I could totally buy another one. And some generous souls are sponsoring our fruit trees, which make is a lot sweeter. But, due to we only have 6 holes, and nearly 20 trees to buy (I think... hihi) I've been on look out for espalier, when I came across high density planting/orchard or multiple plants in one hole.

Espalier fruit tree

Type of espalier

Espalier is an art of pruning and training to get the tree in a certain shape. The most popular one being, cordon, fan, U and informal. Fruit trees that are suitable in the one spur bearing fruits, but since most tropical fruit tree are tip bearing fruits, I kinda rule this out, except for durians, but most people said they don't prune durians. Hmm...

High density mango from above

High density mango (mm those mangoesss)

High density planting is planting the tree much closer than the recommended guide. For example, previously, fruit tree are planted 12m apart of each other, but in high density planting, each are planted from 2m apart, and 3-5m apart. Usually, the tree matured early, therefore, fruit much earlier than traditional fruit trees.

Multiple plant in a hole is planting 2,3 to 4 of same variety in the same planting hole, spaced 18 to 24 inches apart. It's better for pollination, and could extend your fruit season. I probably will do this for my rambutans, mangoes, longans, and citrus trees.

More in multiple planting here : dave wilson

 Today I saw a few white aphids or benah in my language flying around the chillies. So, I blend 1 bulb garlic, 2 dry chillies, and 1 onion with 1L water and spray them. Will repeat in 3,4 days. Will tell you if it works.

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