Say NO!


Today I went out with my mom and sis. Only for 2 hours, but boy am I tempted. There are rows and rows of mooncake, the aromatic smell of pastries, mouth watering cakes, ohh the smell. 

They both ate coconut ice cream, topped with walnut and almond(sis) and corn and almond(mom). Then we sat at, as they picked 6 big, fat, gorgeous donuts, topped with shredded cheese, chocolate, almonds. We sat for 15 minutes before my son took off, and I ran after him. 

It's super hard to try eat healthy when you are surrounded by people who love to eat. The second hardest is saying no, shaking my head to the food that I love. 

After that, we went to buy bread to bring back. I saw most of the buyer is heavier, thus strengthening my willpower. I'm proud to say, I didn't eat any of that. I bought hotdog and baked drumstick and thigh to eat instead. Pheww. With today weighting at 88.4, I'm determine to stick to it until I'll reach my desired weight. 

I also bought portobello mushroom to make as makeshift bun, or baked 'potato', sweet potato for my granma(probably I'll eat one, maybee. ) and marinated lamb shoulder for tomorrow dinner. I even bought mineral water to stay hyrated! Pheww. 

On the other note, I bought 2 bags of moss peat, 5 bag of compressed coco peat, sprayer, round up, fertilizer, gloves and such. I feel bad buying round up, but  other than that, the weed are too strong. We thought of applying it for the first time, to clear the land, then we'll start just maintaning it. 

Tomorrow, we'll start to dig holes and built hugelkultur to tranplant the chillies, I hope to try a few different ways to plant to save on water as well as maximizing space. Wish me luck!

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