After high carb binge last night, today's weight?


Ok, so yesterday I ate potatoes and sweet potatoes. Today, after wake up I weight myself, anddddddd...

88.6. Yay!!. Friday was 88.4. Yesterday I forgot to weight myself. And, not long after woke up, I poop(tmi, i know) thennn weight myself again, and now 88.1! Woohooo. Another 0.1 to get the elusive 87. 

I think it's been 3 years that I have not seen 80+ in my weight. Mostly 90's the least was 94, I think? So, I'm happy. 

Today mark one month that I've try low carb/atkins diet. Since today 88.1, from 95, totaling at 6.9kg lost for the first month. Hooray! 

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