Durian is my favorite fruit of all time. The intoxicating smell, the creamy texture. Since everyone else has cover most about this, I'm just gonna cover only for two variety that I'm planting. 

I bought a Musang King variety for RM18, and Duri Hitam/Black Thorn/Ochee for RM45. The DH is taller and bigger than MK with distinctive primary, secondary branch while Musang King's are more clustered on top. DH's leaves are much wider too. 

Durian musang king

Durian duri hitam

Although the MK tree is cheaper, the fruit could fetch up to RM80 per kilo, while A true DH could fetch from RM40 to RM100 per kilo. Both could fruit from fifth year onwards, although the seller said it could be as early as fourth year. 

Most people do not prune durian trees, however I believe proper pruning and training could make the tree to maximize space and fruit's quality, rather than quantity. 

I'm going to espalier these durian tree into a nice cylinder shape. I think the DH will be good to the training, not so sure about MK, maybe much more severe espalier? 

To be updated on planting, pruning and such. 

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