9 down, 9 more to go!


Hey there! 

So went to the farm today and although our son was up when we are just going, he stayed at home(a miracle if you ask me). We start a huge bonfire, and I put sweet potato wrapped in foil in it. We then built another bonfire and my brother's fil arrived. He teach us how to properly plant a tree, and after two holes, I remember to check the potatoes.

Well, we only got to eat like 5 out of 10, maybe? The smaller ones were burnt to crisp, lol. But the taste, oh so good!

We roasted hotdogs on stick as well, and my hubby roasted the perfect one. I was very impatient, thus not so perfect. 

The wrinkly was his. So bloody good. Damn. Okay, he did a lot of roasting growing up while this is my second attempt, so, good enough!

Tomorrow we are gonna bring portobello mushroom, burgers and more hotdogs. And yes I ate sweet potato(2), sweet bread slices(3), 2 1/2 hotdogs. At night I ate kfc's chicken, as well as one scoop mashed potato and cheesy wedges(3) and 3 cups of pepsi and coke. Better lay it out, as I have been sooo good during the week. Well, I have nothing to eat at the farm, and no excuse for kfc, but oh well. 

So I'm bringing a lot of healthy choices for me tomorrow. Hell yeah. We took turn digging the holes. Freaking tired, that's for sure. I think today was the first time that I feel tired at the farm. We usually take the slow and steady road, but we have another 350-400 chilli so, we are kinda pressed for time. 

We planted 9 of the fruit trees, that is durians, rambutans, petai and longans. Tomorrow we are going to plant the rest, then dig a few holes for chilli. For the next one, I'm going to try to make holes then just drop the chilli seed in and see how. 

To bring the cost down, we are going to plant the chillies under the canopy of the bigger trees. We are also going to plant a few crawling vegies / fruits such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, watermelon, we are still thinking of cover crops too. 

Okay, I'm going to sleep early today so I can wake up early and refreshed for tomorrow quest. 

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