Add on: Waist training


Hey there!

Yesterday night, I was searching for exercises to get a hour glass figure, and came upon a bunch of pictures of waist trainer, and celebs like Kardashians, Snooki, and others are wearing it now. 

After I gave birth nearly 3 years ago, I bought a traditional pull and tie waist trainer and a year after I bought a corset. But I usually forgot to wear them, so I went and dug it out and wore a sports tank, corset then the traditional waist trainer. 

This morning, my weight is 84.1, a kilogram less than yesterday, as well as I have a define waist and less wobbly. I'm so excited that I wore those again after shower. 

Today's breakfast is 2 burger patties, slice cheese, 1 handful of maruku, 3 keropok lekor, and baby romaine salad. As usual, I dipped the patty in sauce and wrapped it with the leaves. 

I did not finish it all. Half of the patty was eaten by Keyaan, and I ate another half. I still have another patty, half of the leaves and half cheese. 

It probably the waist trainer or I've smaller appetite, but I was full! I think I usually eat one and half burger previously with 1 whole romaine head, but today I have 1 patty left with half the leaves. This will be my lunch then. 😄 ( I did have this for my dinner with 2 boiled egg) 

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