Remedy for acne scar


Hey there! 

When I was younger I had lots of pimples and acne scar, and back then I didn't know that it's the side effect of PCOS, and I did use a lot of stuff but to no vail. I even had a bully who made a blog specially to taunt my acne ridden skin, just to spite me. Well, I couldn't care less about it, but I noticed once I start takung care of my food intake, my skin doesn't break out much anymore. 

In fact, the only time I had a pimple if I have been eating too much oily food or carbs days before. I clean my face with only warm water and scrub it once a week. Until last month I start using Korean skin care to help with my skin and I can say my skin are evenly moist, and no more pimples. 

My skin before, no acne just scar and pits.

So yesterday, I'm tempted to use diy mask for acne scar. I bought nutmeg and cinnamon during grocery shopping. The mix are : 2 tsp honey, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp nutmeg, stir everything and put it in your face. I could get 3 application out of this, so you can use it and put on a lid and store it. 

It will burn and stings a lil bit if you're sensitive, I have mild tingling sensation but I don't mind it, and my cheeks are a bit red afterwards, but overall I'm impressed. (I use it for 1 hour yesterday, and this morning 20 minutes before shower)

Tadaa. Smaller pores, less red, less blackhead, noticeably smoother and even skin tone. I'm going to try this for longer period and see if the scars will fafe in time. Will update later! 

And for today, I ate 4 half boiled eggs(my son refused to eat 2 because i-have-no-idea-why-but-he-cried-and-babbles-in-his-language, 3/4 guava and warm water. 

Late lunch : baked chicken breast dipped in cornflakes and scallion with mushroom soup. (I did not finish all of them. 1/4 of chicken and 5 mouthful of the soup maybe?)

Dinner: mee udang ( noodles with prawn), okay today I'm supposed to be low carbs but I ate noodles cause there's nothing else. I tried to add 2 otak otak for protein thou. 

And at 11.12 I ate my mom's soooo good looking pudding with fruit cocktail, which after waiting and delaying for two hour, I finally bite the bullet and eat one of it. Halfway through it, I realized I did not take any picture and I pause to take one. Hehe. 

Bon appetite! 

I took full body picture and I have waist! Teehee. Here's to another 29 kg! 

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