House, in progress


As you probably know, since my dad passed away, we didn't go to the farm for   nearly four years. And so, the gate and much of the house was broken and stolen. 

My mom renovate the house back so we could stay at night or during rainy weather. It is still work in progress since we don't want to use too much money. But atleast the house have windows now. The outside is still bare, we'll fixed it little by little. 

We opened up the ground floor with two more window at the front and side to ely natural light in. We have an enourmous langsat tree beside the house (at night a lot of fireflies fly around this tree), pruned the starfruit in front of it, but it's send out more new shoots now. 

We fixed the gate, but was torn down by the elephants again as pictured above. And on Sunday we stained upstairs' floor and stairs. 

The unstained floor, it was scrub clean by the brawn while I weed out lemongrass patch.

The boy helping the brawn(or making his dad mad, I can't tell the difference)

I did help the first quarter and he did the second quarter, and while we wait for it to dry, Khyru spray weed killer at the farm. We are going to finish this batch, and never buy one again. Its against our value, yet we feel helpless with a lot of pressure from our family members to use it. We came across a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing liquid as well as salt to control weed. We also going to apply carpet/plastic mulch on the next few weeks to control weeds. Wish us luck! 

I tried to apply permaculture, as I weed out lemongrass patch. I cut up water bottles to two side, and plant pegaga under half bottle to the side of lemongrass. The pegaga will spread and thus weed would not survive. We did a test patch and it work. So I applied it to 16 lemongrass and 6 chili plant. 

Pegaga is a type of ulam, so its best consume raw. Its easy to spread, but its easier to manage and can stand to light to medium foot traffic. I brought a foot long to the farm, and in two weeks they spread like above. Previously I wanted to use thyme and herbs, but since we live in tropical and somehow managed to kill them, five times in a row. So I use what's freely available in my house, bring it to the farm, and they are spreading! 

The pegaga under cut bottle drink, beside the chili plant. The bottle drink also provide self watering to the plant. 

I couldn't take picture of the finished stained floor as it was getting darker, so Khyru finished it by himself being the brawn, and I went and water the plants with aged manure tea. We'll see it about it next week! 

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