Also know as:
Durian / King of fruit

Durian could grow up to 50 meters, depending on species. The leaves are dull gold underneath with glossy green leaves. The fruit is thorny, up to 1 foot, typically 3 kg per fruit, with 5 to 15 seeds in. The flower is yellow, and edible. The seeds are also edible as a snack. The fruits hang on mature tree branch, and could be trained and prune despite the contrary believe.

  • Native to Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • In our farm, there's about 15 Durian tree, aged around 25years old, with another 3 new tree I've planted, Musang King and Duri Hitam.
  • The sweet silky durian is full of sugar, vitamin C, potassium, and good source of carbs and nutrients. Consuming the fruit is good to combat anemic, tiredness, depression, good for teeth, bones and digestion.
To plant from seed, place seed from mature fruit in depth of 3 times of the seed diameter. Wait until sprouted. However the tree could not bear fruit until it matures, sometimes until 20 years. I usually buy the plant in nursery. The price range from RM 15 to RM 90, according to the variety.

The trees are better if you have a few different cultivar in one place to promote cross pollination. The trees usually starts flowering in May and the fruits start to drop in August. The earliest drop are said "buang buruk" or to throw the bad fruits. In certain places, the fruit are taken when it reach maturity to sell in market.

Special needs
The trees could be tall, up to 50 meters, therefore if you want it to reach certain height, loop the primary branch so that it stops growing. The branches could be tied down to promote more horizontal growth and to prune vertical branches. I did not do this for the old trees, but planning to do so for our smaller trees.


  • To reduce fungus in nails, mashed the shoots with Acuros Calamus, and paste on infected nails.
  • The seed could be sliced thinly and fried to eat like snacks. Uncooked seeds are poisonous to consume.
  • For stomachache and constipation, mashed/blend the skin and paste it on stomach.
  • To aid weight loss, cooked the shoots as vegetables and consume frequently. 

Busy mom recipe(less than 30 minutes)

This is my Arwah Ayah (Dad) favorite way to consume durian

Cooked warm rice (Boiled 1 cup rice with 2 cups of water, until water evaporate.)
Coconut milk(Grate coconut, add water and drain in sieve, take the milk and discard the grated coconut)

Put a cup of warm rice in your plate. Add durian or only the flesh. Add coconut milk and sugar, adjust accordingly.

P.s. Some like it watery, some like it a bit dry, adjust accordingly. I like it with a lot of durian, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, and maybe 1 tbs or 2 sugar. 

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