What to do after a good binge/stuff/pig out


Hey there. Since I've eaten like 3 days in a row of noodles, I've gained 0.8 kg, making it 85.6 kg. I know its not much but I know it could snowball into 10 kg in a less than a few days if I'm not careful. So I've written a few tips for on what to do after a good binge. 

So taking my own advice, I'm going to eat low carbs for three days or more if I could help it. 

My brunch: 1 orange, 1 chicken burger patty, 1 slice of cheese, 1/2 romaine salad, 1 tsp sauce and 1 tall glass of chilled water. I ate only half of it, and will try to eat it for late lunch. 

Late lunch : brunch leftover, snacked on marukus and nuts.

Dinner: Nando's quarter chicken(mild), corn on cob and chips with bottomless ice lemon tea. Ate 1/3 of chips and give others to the brawn. I weight myself again and now I'm 85.4 kg, less 0.4 kg than this morning. Woohoo. 

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