October, week one update


Hello there! 

This week, we only have one day at the farm as the brawn is away on Friday and Saturday on urgent day job crisis. We went in the afternoon ( I overslept) and was surprised to see the chili plants have some mature but not ripe fruits for us.

This was supposed to transplant a month ago, but we were busy and so it waits. And gave us a few chilis. 

We had yummy mee rebus(boiled noodles) with spiced chicken. Note the broken phone, so I took most picture using his phone. We have two locks for the house and one for the gate. 

We stained the floor.

I planted pegaga under bottles to compete with weed and mimic nature(permaculture)

The kacang botol is flowering, with the diy trellis from branches and a pile of log beside it. 

The pruned trees in various stage. The front was sprouting, the second further have more shoots, and furthest was nearly bushy. 

Golden pumpkin(3). At the end of the day I replanted them under durian trees.

These were nearly dead when I planted them here, but somehow thrive.

The pegaga, best eaten raw, is my test patch to see if it could compete with weeds. It looks like it can. 

After weeding out. The plant looks so much better! I did weed out the lemongrass patch too, and planted 16 of the pegaga dome under the newly planted lemongrass. 

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