Weight loss progress


Hey there! 

Today I hit the lowest ever, 84.8 kg/ 186.5 lb, which makes it less than 30 kg more to go! 

I've lost 10 kg, gained another 2, and lost 10.2 more. Its such a huge momentous time for me. This call for mini celebration! So far I've lost 13.1 inches all over, but I've only start measuring when I was at 89.7, I've probably lost close to 26 inches! 

I've been doing exercises using the resistance band according to the moves below. I'm using medium strength, 8-12 repeatation, and one set for alternating days. On the days I did not resistance band, I do a HIIT type of cardio. I do a 3 min warm ups, 1 min running, 1 min brisk walk, 1 min run again. Repeat until 5-15 set and cool down for 3 minutes. Sometimes I do straight 45 mins, at times 15 mins 3x a day, another variation is 15 mins in morning and 30 mins in the evening. I'mat my best in the eveningg, so I do heavier exercise in the evening.

Since I gave my husband the hardest resistance band and these pictures, he too has been doing some exercise during his travel. I've sent him these exercise to to strengthen his core and abs. 

I've also start writing tips in my instagram daily, such as these:

 I hope my efforts could help and inspire others to lose weight. Have you followed my ig? Its @fortytreesfarm, see you there!

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