What to do when you're lazy and hungry


Hey there! 

Yesterday, I fall asleep in the afternoon and end up sleeping four hours straight. I didn't eat lunch, so I ate early dinner at 6pm. I fried chicken coated with turmeric, and then dipped it in spicy and sweet sauce and wrapped it in baby romaine leaves. I will eat more veggies/salad when I use them as a wrap. I ate 1/2 of the chicken and another half eaten by Keyaan.

However, at 11pm I start feeling hungry and my sister come visiting with succulent prawns, with the belly stuffed with mashed potatoes and wrapped in noodles, deep fried. I was also craving some marukus my mom bought and I kinda ate 5 handful of them, without realizing. Yikes! So I took a handful and put it nicely on plate as well as the prawns, and snapped it and instagrammed it. The food doesn't taste as good and after I ate it all, I didn't crave anymore. Good old trick. 

Although I slept kinda late, I woke up precisely at 6am for the morning prayer. And I was lounging around thinking to go to sleep, and remembering my feast yesterday, I changed into my work out gear, and I start warming up for 5 minutes and starts alternating running and walking for 10 cycles and was cooling down for the next 5 minutes. As I was going to stop the treadmill, Becky G song, 'Break a sweat' starts playing and man, omen or coincidence, I didn't stop! I continued brisk walking for another 10 minutes and get a total of 3600+ steps. 

I sent a picture of me working out to the brawn and he replied 'Beautiful'. Awww. This, this what motivates me. Last night when we did face time he was commenting about my lack of double chin, eventhough I'm laying down. He promised to buy some thing if I reach 70 kg and a bigger present if I can reach 60 kg. Talk about motivation! 

After my work out is done, I was drinking and cooling down. And his majesty woke up( his name literally means king or crown), and keep asking for one egg. So I made 6 half boiled eggs (2 for me, 2 for my mom, 1 for him, 1 extra in case anyone wants more). I also reheated murtabak leftover. 

My snack for today is 2 handful of maruku (omg I can't stop!) and my lunch is fried noodles with mushroom, chicken, prawn, eggs and veggies, with 2 jambu air and 1 banana. The drink is warm green tea. 

Dinner are 2 bananas, 1 half boiled egg, 1 plate of fried noodles and 1 glass of iced water. Tomorrow will be low carbs day since today is totally high carbs. But I'm too lazy to cook myself. What do you eat that is low carbs that do not need any   cooking? 

I think blogging and instagram really helps keeping me in track, as I feel like I'm encouraging others to get fit too. All those likes and comments doesn't hurt too! So thank you! ❤️ 💪💪

I'm trying to post daily on what I ate, what I did to lose weight, so I could make it like my online food diary. I'm pretty much so lazy to write but not blogging, so yeah why not? 

And today's tips when you're feeling lazy:

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