Reasons on losing weight.


A few people told me that 'its okay to be fat', 'I look cute being fat' and many well meaning phrases to soothe my attempt on losing weight. But there's also so many 'You've gained loads of weight', 'your sister could stay slim, unlike you' or my favorite, 'fat as the weather balloon'. 

Many ask is it worth it to starve myself, exercising too much, and the stares I get when I'm jogging around the playground with the mini me playing happily. (I'm not starving, I eat plenty of veggies, protein and adequate carbs, I exercise the most 45 minutes per day but I break it into 15 minutes, 3x a day or 15 mins on morning, 30 mins in evening. Depending on my mood.)

First and foremost, I do it for me. I want to  be slim, healthy, sexy. I want to minimize my pcos as much as possible. I want to live to 80 without diseases and die because of old age. (My granma, although alive and well, complaint how she wishes she could run and walk after my child. That is sad for me. I wish she could too. My dad passes away before I'm pregnant, so I want to be able to see my son's offspring), want to be able to play with my great grand children. I want to walk without feeling like dragging a bunch of potatoes(with the lumps in my bum) I want to see my son grow up and I want to have another baby, or two (the perks of pcos, lower chance of having babies.)

Second, I do it for my little family. I want my hubby to be proud of who I am. I know he already is, but I want for people not questioning why is he wasting his good look on fatty like me. (Yes, I know some who thinks about it. Even say it out loud.) I want him to have a slim and voluptous wife just like I used to be. I know he stick through me when I'm fat, and I'll know he'll stick closer when I'm hot. 

I do it so my son will chose wisely and healthily. I do it so I can run with my son, participate in all those camps, jungle tracking, sports and mount climbing. I want him to be proud of his fit, gorgeous mother. And most importantly, if I'm cute and pretty now that I'm fat, how drop dead gorgeous will I be if I'm fit? 💃

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