I am not a robot, just too much enthusiasm


I'm working hard tonight since Khyru in Thailand and Keyaan sleeping with my mom, I haven't notice it's nearly 4 in the morning. Decided to make a draft post on vegetables we are planting, and this happens: 

I can assure you blogger, I'm just super hard at work, producing 20 pages and drafting other 8 pages, then drafting another 50+ draft post. Yes, I'm workaholic, yes I know it's late, but I'm partial insomniac anyway. I really should try this instead of working super late at night. 

Who says stay at home mom work the least?

Update(3.40am) after I click on publish, they ask me again if I'm a robot.
Okayyyy I'll go to sleep now..

Update update (3.54), I keep on rechecking the links, adding tags and labels. The song now are so nice, I probably shouldn't fall asleep. In my mind I'm already planning tomorrow's work. Two articles on lemongrass and noni, take various pictures of the said vegetables, what to share on instagram, need to prepare Keyaan for his outing with Mama Ja. Okay.... I promise I shut it down after this. 

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