Mengkudu / Noni


Morinda citrifolia
Also know as:
Mengkudu/Noni/Indian mulberry/great morinda

Mengkudu, ripe and unripe fruits

Noni grows well in shady forest, as well as open rocky and sandy shores. It could grow up to 9 m tall, and start producing fruit in 18 months which yield between 4 to 8 kg. It has large, simple dark shiny green leaves with a cluster of white flower. The young fruit is used as ulam/salad/rojak, the mature one as juice and eaten raw, and the shoots as ulam. 

It's quite big beside my house with a lot of fruits at the moment

  • It easily thrives everywhere, including volcanic terrains, beaches, limestone clearing as well as corraliine atolls.
  • Its a huge tree beside my house, planning to plant more in the farm.
Birds love the fruit, as seen here, half eaten. 

  • Choke full with vitamins and nutrients
  • Contains phytochemicals, such as lignans, oligo, flavonoids, fatty acid, catechin, alkaloids.



  • High blood pressure/hypertension, blend 2 ripe noni with 1 tbs honey, drain and drink twice a day. Add more honey to taste.
  • Coughing, boiled 2 cups of water, 1 ripe fruit with a handful of peppermint leaves until reduce to half, drain in sieve and drink the juice twice a day
  • Stomachache, washed and mashed a few of the leaves, add salt to taste and pour hot water in it. Drink after cooled
  • Jaundice, blend 2 ripe noni and sugar, drain in sieve, add honey to taste and drink twice a day
  • Fever, ill wind and influenza, boiled 2 cups of water, 1 ripe fruit, 3cm ginger until reduce to half. Once cooled, sieve and drink twice a day.
  • For smooth skin, washed the fruit and rub the fruit on the cracked skin, leave for 10 minutes and clean with clean cloth, slightly wet with warm water.
  • Immunization, inflammation, analgesic(pain killer), cancer, blend the noni fruit with water, add sugar/honey to taste, drink consistently.
Noni colada
Noni curry
Noni drink (Juice and raw)
Botok botok - a favorite of Johorian and my family.

Busy mom recipe(less than 30 minutes)
A recipe from my granma

Noni salad/Rojak mengkudu
2 young/unripe/green mild yellow noni fruit (Not fully ripe), sliced outer flesh
1 cup sliced green apple
1 cup diced pineapple
1 cup sliced unripe mango
1 cup sengkuang/jicama/ sweet turnip/yam bean

Mixed them all and eat with kuah rojak.

Kuah rojak is available in the produce section for RM5 per container.

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