Eating healthy for cheap


Hey there! 

Last two days I was grocery shopping and I've compile what I usually eat and buy during the week. I will usually eat the same thing almost everyday, and usually consist of chicken, sausage, burger patty, baby romaine salad. Sometimes I buy fresh veggies in the morning, and since my house always have fruits, I usually don't buy them. 

I'm doing low carbs with fast, cheap and easy solution. I don't cook most days, except just grill/baked/raw, and my husband eat whatever I have, and if you want unprocessed stuff, cook everyday, then good for you, but not possible for me. So if you want a fast, cheap and easy, here's mine.

Stuff I bought: pagoda's 8 portion nuts, pagoda's salted peanuts, saudi's jumbo beef patty, cp's turmeric fried chicken, cheese sausages, baby romaine salad and a new veggie I want to try. I also bought 3 guava but not in picture. 

Here's the nutrition facts, I think the sausages have the highest carbs of all. 

Salted peanuts have 3.42 g carbs, 88.2 kcal. 

Sausages have 11.5g carbs, 114 kcal.

Beef burger patty have 1.2g carbs, 159 kcal.

Turmeric fried chicken have 1.1 g carbs, 218 kcal. 

Peanuts have 6g carbs, 170 kcal. 

In total I spent RM80 for this amount(including fruits and eggs not pictured), and it could last for two weeks, depending on my intake. 

Today's breakfast is 2 pau sambal, 1 vadei, 1 ketayap and 1 karipap(all kuih/pastry)

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