Tips on staying healthy during grocery shopping.


Hey there!

So excited today that my baby is bacj. He bought me mee rebus and spice chicken, which I ate the chicken and half the noodles. I ate the rest plus an egg for lunch. 

I ate baby kailan, 5 prawns, 1/4 lemon pepper fish and chilled chikong. 

I saw these on 9gag about a tomato and potato grafted together. How cool is that? 

And I wrote a Dear John letter..

Only this time, I wrote it for the fat resides in me. I find the relationship with the obese me is like in a bad relationship where I gave my all, I sacrifice my body and my style, and yet I gain the hideous body in exchange for the tasty food I provided. I need to stop giving her the upper hand, and start treating myself better. 

Meanwhile, we're going grocery shopping today, and I've compile these for you:

Have a great day! 

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