Feeling blue


Hey there~

I'm feeling quite blue today due to a few stuff happening right now, and depressed is one of the symptoms of PCOS, so yeahh. 

Breakfast: 2 eggs

Lunch: 3 wings, baby romaine salad

Dinner: fried kue tiaw(half) and chicken. The prawns and other half being eaten by Keyaan.

(Man I'm so lazy even the pictures are horrible. Sorry!)

Today I had 2 boiled egg with soy sauce for breakfast, baked bbq wings and romaine salad with green tea for lunch, fried kue tiaw and chicken for dinner. 

The key to preserve in eating healthy is eating the same thing as much as you can. Like I'll eat eggs, chicken, burger patty most days, with romaine salad cause they are easy peasy and I like them. I'd like a few other things too, but I had to travel far to get them and I'm not interested to do so(I'm lazy!)

I change my dp picture yesterday and so far, my friends are telling me how 'thin' I look. I didn't even realize how muc my face change. Here's the difference:

No double chin, smaller cheeks, even the glasses now look huge in my face. Overall I've lost nearly 11 kg/24 lb, I still going to lose another 29 kg/42 lb, and  took 3 months to lose 11, so I guess another 8 months to lose 29 kg, if I am not seriously restrict myself. I don't want to lose a lot at once and risk of flabby skin, so I'm just gonna take it nice and slow. If it takes 10 years to pile the pound, I can't just shed it in 3 months, can I? 

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