Exercise pt 2


Hey there! 

As I'm adding exercises as part of my weight loss journey, I was bored with the routine. At first I walk for 45 minutes on treadmill. I was so bored that I end up reading a book while walking. 

Then I mixed it up, with every 4 minutes of walking, I'll ran 30 seconds. Two weeks after that I ran 1 minute. Then I stop exercising, as well as eat tonnes of carbs. I've gained 2 kilos, and yesterday we went out to sports direct as he's searching for camp stuff, so I linger at the women's sport section, and was interested in resistance band. At first there was the one with handles and different difficulty level, then I saw one pack with 3 giant rubber band with 3 level of difficulty, and was like RM33 only. 

To add more variety, I bought a pedometer to track my movements too. This morning I just walk for 192 steps, until noon. My goal was 5000. Umm. Okayy. When I was googling on how to use the rubber band, I came across an article that tested 18 women, and tested between yoga, pilates, weight, body weight and resistance training, and the resistance training provided the women bigger lost. Maybe the simpilicity, maybe the grab and go perspective, but I'm  interested. 

And since I just walked 192 steps, I decided to go on the treadmill. And instead of running alternate 4 to 1, I did 1 minute running and 1 minute walking, and I did it, for 30 minutes with 9 minutes of warming up and cool down. It maybe not a lot, but I'm so proud that I did it. 

So now I'm scheduling my resistance band work out every other day in my calendar so that I'm not waiting until I'm bored. Now my pedometer reads 3572 steps. Yay! 1428 left! 

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