Hot Pepper / Lada hidup


Capsicum annuum
Also know as:
Cayenne pepper / Red pepper / Lada besar

A tropical trees that could grow up to 1m and as wide, with white blossom, with green fruit that turn red upon ripening. Both unripe and ripe are edible, but the ripe one are usually spicier. 

  • Native to Mexico, Central America and South America. They were brought to Southeast Asia by Spanish and Portuguese colonist and traders.
  • We are currently growing it from seed.
  • High in vitamin A, B6, E, C, potassium, riboflavin and manganese. 
  • It speeds up metabolism, increase circulation and blood flow, facilitating oxygen and nutrient delivery.
  • Claimed to be aphrodisiac.

Although I found many benefits of this plant, I can't seem to have a traditional method other than consuming it raw or cooked. But it is said that it could prevent these when regularly eaten : Cancer, weight loss, lower bad cholestrol level in body, flu and fever, mood enhancer.

Jalapeno poppers (Technically this is for Jalapeno, but we could totally use hot pepper rightt)
Ayam masak merah (Spicy chicken gravy)
Asian veggies stir fry

Busy mom recipe(less than 30 minutes)
My mom special sambal

Sambal Godok

5 green cili padi with stalk
10 green peppers
4 garlic bulb
1 big onion
1 cup  dry anchovies
1/2 cup oil
Salt to taste

Blend all coarsely, saute with oil, until fragrant and dry, add salt to taste.

P.s. Great eaten with warm potatoes, yam, cassava, added to fried rice or fried noddles, or even warm rice.
(Available for RM5 per container, text/whatsapp Kate at 014-9174124)

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