Out and about


Today I went out with Winnie without Keyaan. I feel giddy with the relief of just being myself, not someone's mom or wife. We went out to Jusco Tebrau, Komtar, City Square and Tesco Tebrau. 

We had a lot of browsing and window shopping. I want to find a dress or shirt that I wanna wear when I actually slim down to be my motivation. But I can't find anything I like or the price too expensive. 

I had chicken parmigiana with honey lemon and she had Caribbean style fish with honey lemon too. 

This is her favorite picture of me, she loves my puppy eye:

This is my fav:

This is my fav of her, trying to sneak a bite of my potatoes. 

I end up buying sports bras and weighing scale for myself. I was thinking to buy the biggest size for motivation(14) as I'm currently wearing size 22. I tried it on last time and I can't get it pass my shoulder, however this time I could even though its skin tight, but hey I can wear 14! It's such a huge achievement that I just end up buying the size 14 and 12, and figure that I will lose more weight and will fit in there eventually.

Today, i logged in 8500+ steps and weight 85.7. My goal by this week is below 85kg. What's your goal this week? 

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